Whisky Helps Tasting Glass

Whisky Helps Tasting Glass

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Join in on the age-old debate fun in this Whisky Helps Tasting Glass! Does whiskey help a cold? If you're from Kentucky it does. Does whiskey help a sore throat? If you sip it or gargle it, you'll learn it acts as an antiseptic for those aching tonsils. Try both and it'll be the numbing agent for the pain. Does whiskey help toothaches? It certainly has anti-inflammatory properties, for your teeth and for the stress in your day. Wait, is it whiskey or whisky? The answer is always simple, whiskey helps! Impress the taters at your local bar in this t shirt that is aged to perfection and super smooth.

Let's face it, for whiskey connoisseurs, there's nothing better than sipping on something smooth and delicious. With the Whisky Helps Tasting Glass, you can sip your favorite spirits in style—anytime, anywhere. Designed with whiskey lovers in mind, our glass features a clever and humorous message that lets everyone know where your true priorities lie, even while you're doing it! This glass isn't just for looks, though. It's made with quality materials designed to help magnify the flavor, aroma, and color of every drink you pour into it - perfect for enjoying your favorite whiskey neat or on the rocks.

Whether you're relaxing indoors or catching up with friends outdoors, simply fill this unique glass to the brim with your favorite beverage and let its bold “Whisky Helps” design do the talking. For those asking, yes whisky can be spelled whiskey too. The spellings are interchangeable, albeit someone regional. And even if not all conversations revolve around your passion for fine spirits, this convenient glass has a funny message that will support those conversations when you need a subtle reminder that there are better things to do...like drinking whisky! Made from high quality glass, each whisky glass in our collection is the perfect partner for any spirit-sippin' occasion. Enjoy your next party, bourbon meetup, or fresh crack Friday in style by grabbing one of these bourbon glasses today!

Our whiskey tasting glass makes the perfect fun present for friends co-workers and family members on Father's Day, birthdays, anniversary, and holidays of course! Remember, Bourbon Heritage Month is in September. 

Whisky Helps Tasting Glass Details:

  • Material: 100% glass
  • One size: 6oz
  • Hand wash only
  • Proudly designed in Kentucky
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