Anti Tater Tater Club Rocks Glass

Anti Tater Tater Club Rocks Glass
Old Fashioned Glass, Whiskey glass, Lowball, Tumbler
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For bourbon connoisseurs, the classic tipple just isn't the same without the perfect glass. That's why we've created the Anti Tater Tater Club Rocks Glass—perfect for pouring a smooth and delicious pour from the bottle straight into the glass. This glass isn't just for looks, though. The quality materials and expert design elements on this classic glass magnify the true flavor, aroma, and color of your favorite drink—whether you're enjoying it neat or on the rocks. Elevate your drinking experience with the versatile and classic rocks glass. Also known as the old fashioned glass, whiskey glass, or lowball, this stylish tumbler is perfect for enjoying your favorite spirits neat or on the rocks. It's also a must-have for serving up that classic cocktail, the old fashioned. Designed with quality materials to enrich the flavor, aroma, while showcasing the appearance of your special whiskey, this glass will be your go-to sidekick at any get-together or bottle share.

Not only is it designed to help bring out the best in your tipple—the unique “Anti Tater Tater Club” glass also looks the part! This tongue-in-cheek design speaks directly to those who know the phrase “bourbon tater” is often used to describe novice drinkers pretending to be experts. It's also seen as a lighthearted way to poke fun at those who use social media to flaunt unopened bottles. Whether at a party, bourbon meetup, or "Fresh Crack Friday," this bourbon tasting glass will help you sip your spirit in style. So pour yourself a drink, and get ready to enjoy a unique whiskey-drinking experience complete with taste and flavor enhancement—all thanks to the Anti Tater Tater Club Rocks Glass. Cheers!

Our whiskey glass makes the perfect fun present for friends co-workers and family members on Father's Day, birthdays, anniversary, and holidays of course! Remember, Bourbon Heritage Month is in September, and International Whiskey Day is March 27th. Elevate your whiskey tasting and sense of style the next time you’re savoring your favorite drink of choice with this clever yet humorous glass. 

Anti Tater Tater Club Rocks Glass Details:

  • Material: 100% glass
  • One size: 10oz
  • Hand wash only
  • Proudly designed in Kentucky
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