Face Masks

As recommended by the CDC, cloth face masks should be worn to prevent the spread of disease as we begin to reopen our nation. During these difficult times, health precautions are taking over during the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence shows that covering the face can prevent transmission of the virus between people interacting in close proximity, therefore recommended in situations when social distancing is difficult to obtain. 

KY Supply Co. started selling cloth face masks at our cost to give back by providing security during this time of need due to shortages in our community. Now, we are happy to offer American's additional face mask and face covering options. Our options are comfortable, yet also fashionable. Whether it's a cloth face mask, our KSC 2-layer mask (which comes in a 3 pack), or one of our numerous fun neck gaiter patterns, you'll find a face covering that best fits you and your lifestyle! Shop our many variations of face coverings in our face mask collection. 

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